Houston Football Association

  United Grenadiers vs. Kingwood FC ** HFA 2009-2010 ** #550 
Sun, December 6, 2009 - 1:00 pm
Division 2A
 United Grenadiers 4
 Kingwood FC 3
United Grenadiers Kingwood FC
1 2
 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
03. Dozlic, Nedzad 713-11-4485
F 04. Gomez, Jorge 713-11-2498
M 05. Hernandez, Sammy 713-11-8342
06. Larkin, Michael 713-11-2097
M 07. Lemus, Edwin 713-11-0122
08. Lemus, Edwin G 713-11-0329
GK 09. Lemus, Henry 713-11-2135
10. Leyva-Alvarado, Fernando 713-11-2801
11. Linares, Alex 713-11-2098
12. Nuzzie, Lewis 713-11-0577
13. Peterson, Colin 713-11-0578
14. Plaza, Alvaro 713-11-1597
15. Prado, Jorge 713-11-2105
16. Roji, Guillermo 713-11-3911
M 17. Romero, Saul 713-11-2108
18. Samardzija, Predrag 713-11-8069
19. Shepard, Todd 713-11-1176
20. Sordelli, Aldo 713-11-2110
21. Spencer, Steven 713-11-1388
Match RECAP:  United Grenadiers

A lot of players were absent this weekend. We started with only one substitute available. The weather was gloomy and so the spirit of our team.  The game was just at the early stage and a controversial situation had our defenders stopping to call for an offside, just to have Kingwood make an easy unchallenged goal.  Bayron who was injured and did not want to play realized that we are in bad position and offer to give it a try. When he came in the game his presence was felt almost immediately.

Bayron caught a nice long pass from Sami, and after a wild run with two defenders on his back, he passed right in front of the goal to have Ronnie walk the ball in.  Bayron changed the face of our attacking power and he passed to Anel who scored with confidence from inside the box to have us going in half time with an advantage. 

By this time we thought we have this game figured out and with minor adjustments we will have an easy second half.  Wrong assumption. The relaxation in our part helped Kingwood tie the game with a nice free kick and even take advantage with a goal that came after a series a wrong passes and missed opportunities to clear the ball.  Then the heavy artillery of Grenadiers (for this game) Richard and Alvaro were thrown in to the battle. The strength of the team and a gladiator called Bayron refused to let game die. And indeed, he scored two more goals bringing sunshine in a cloudy weekend. 

It proved again the talent of this team is very deep.  All players fought greatly on the field, confronting a terrible rain, a muddy field and a worthy adversary to justly have their effort rewarded with a victory.

 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
04. Aguilar, Jonathon 713115137
05. Baquer, Bradley 713-11-1125
06. Baquer, Daniel 713-11-2086
07. Blackwell, Jason 713-11-0505
08. Cardenas, Jaer 713119306
09. Crespo, John 713112058
10. Crosby, Aziza 713-11-1631
11. Drewry, Scott 713-11-2085
12. Graham, David 713115102
13. Karakaya, Metin 713-11-1128
14. Leger, Kohl 713-11-0507
15. McLaughlin, Mike 713111343
16. Meckfessel, Kurt 713-11-2083
17. Phillips, Roy 713-11-2784
18. Rice, Daniel 713-11-0506
19. Smith, Tyrone 713-11-2084
20. Stout, Michael 713-11-4724
21. Wakefield, Chris 713115481
22. Wakefield, David 713113672
23. Zelaya, Josue 713-11-2525