Houston Football Association

HFA Competitions

HFA features several different competitions to accommodate different interests.

*The Regular Season, our largest competition, is modeled after the European leagues with an 18-game season and intra-league tournaments. Games are played on Saturday nights and Sundays.

*The O30 competition is for the more mature player who aren’t interested in chasing around the youngins. There are 2 full O30 seasons (approx 10 games per season) played yearly (Fall and Spring) and a short Hotter then Hell season (5 or 6 games) in the summer.  Games are Thursday nights.

*The Hotter Than Hell competition is a fun and casual competition to keep players involved during the off-season despite the heat. It’s shorter and cheaper: 5 games tops on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

*The U23 competition is played summers only and is intended for the college-bound or college-enrolled player. Games are competitive, honing skills in the younger player and maintaining the skills during the off-season for the college set.


See below for more thorough information on each competition. See to the left for a downloadable team application for each.

O30 League
Thursday Evenings

HFA’s O30 league is going into the Winter / Spring 2014 Season. Games will be played on Thursday nights at 7pm and 8:45pm at Cullen Park and 7:30pm and 9:15pm at HASP (subject to change). Games start on Thursday February 6, 2014 (subject to change). 

Players must be 30 years of age at the time of registration to play.

  • Team fee depends on the amount of teams registered (see below) and includes an 18-player roster, field fees and insurance - add $25 for each additional player.

    Total 18 teams (3 divisions of 6 teams each)- 10 game season - Cost $ 800 excl. referee fees.

    Total 21 teams (3 divisions of 7 teams each) - 12 game season - Cost $ 850 excl. referee fees.

    Total 24 teams ( 4 divisions of 6 teams each) - 10 game season - Cost $ 800 excl. referee fees.

    Total 25 teams ( 5 divisions of 5 teams each) - 8 game season - Cost $ 700 excl. referee fees.

    Total 28 teams ( 4 divisions of 7 teams each) - 12 game season - Cost $ 850 excl. referee fees.

    A $ 50 non-refundable deposit and the $ 100 bond for new teams is required at time of team application. The remainder owed is due at the player registration meeting.

  • New teams to HFA O30 League must post a $100 bond.

    • Referee fees are $55 per team per game, payable at the field, 3-ref crews for all games.

    • O30  team applications are available on the top left of this page, 


The regular HFA season and Thursday night games are considered different competitions, so you can play on one team in each league. That means you could play on one team for the regular season (any division), and on an O30 team Thursday night.

Questions, Contact Desiree van Es at desiree@hfasoccer.com or call 713-984-7658

HFA Regular Season

The regular season fields 100 of the most competitive teams in 10 divisions with players from all over the globe. There are no age restrictions in the regular season.

The season starts in September and runs through April/May with breaks for the holidays. It also includes The Memorial Cup, an intra-league tournament which runs concurrently with the regular season. Teams play at least 18 regular season games and more depending on how far they advance in Memorial Cup action. 

Premier division games are on Saturday and Sunday nights at Bayland Park. Championship plays most of their games at Bayland Park on Sundays at 9am and 11am. All other divisions play Sundays at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm at Bear Creek Park. 

While we try to place teams in an appropriate division to their abilities, the league cannot guarantee space or division placement. The deadline to enter is in July each year, but get it in early because entry forms are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until all open slots are filled. 

Costs. These were the new team fees for 2011-12, so prices may change:

-$80 application fee - due with team application form.
-$200 bond (all teams must keep a bond with the league to be in good standing) Due if the team is accepted in the league, which will be in early August.
-$1700 new team fee, which covers registration for up to 18 players, field fees and basic insurance. This amount is due when you turn in your player registration at the end of August. You can have up to 25 on your roster, but there is an additional $25 per player charge after the initial 18.

Total: $1980.

Referee fees are a separate cost of $55 per team, per game, payable at the field.



U23 Summer League

The re-introduction of the ‘Hotter than Hell’ U-23 Summer League in 2011 went really well and all the players and teams involved enjoyed the competition. It was an amazing level of play that attracted many spectators and fans each Saturday night.

The U-23 Summer League is a special, annual, summer-only competition, focused on attracting a high level of amateur men’s players. Only teams comprised of players in the U-23 age bracket (FIFA*) and younger will be eligible. There will be at least five matches guaranteed, with a final playoff match to determine final standings if needed. The matches will begin in early June and be completed no later than the final weekend of July.

Click HERE for a team application.

For more information, contact hfa@hfasoccer.com or 713.984.7658

Hotter Than Hell - HFA's Summer Season
2013 team apps now available

HFA’s summer season, called Hotter Than Hell, begins a couple weeks after the regular season ends, which is dependant on the weather. In 2013, the season starts June 8/9 with a few changes.

Applications: Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until 18 teams are entered. Applications will open March 25th and close when all slots are filled.

Divisions: 4 divisions of 6 teams each (subject to change)

Fees: For the HTH’13 season, team fee will be $400 for up to 18 players. Additional players are $25 each, roster limit of 25 players. Referee fees are $55 per team per game and payable at the field. New teams to HFA must post a $100 bond. Fees are subject to change for subsequent seasons.

Player registration meeting: All teams will create an online roster via the HFA website. New players to HFA need: signed registration form, player card with photo and copy of driver’s license. Teams must have matching registration stickers on the back of all player cards. Returning players only need to be added to the online roster and a new sticker if necessary. The date of the 2013 HTH registration meeting will be anounced shortly. Bring all your player cards.

Games begin: June 8-9

Fields: Bear Creek Park and/or HASP. Fields were a challenge this year with every park in town, it seems, closing down for various parts of the summer. We’re limited on the number of fields available at Bear Creek, so games will played on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The League Administrator will schedule your home games on your preferred time/day (based on availability), but can’t make any promises on the rest. Please be prepared to play at any one of the times listed.