Memorial Cup Dates & Scores

Memorial Cup rounds are generally played the third weekend of each month.

Qualifying Round: TBD
Divisions 1B - 4B and two teams from 1A (drawn at random) will participate. Those who win their games will move on to Round 1 of the Memorial Cup. Those who lose their games will be eliminated.
Premier, Championship, and 1A (excluding those who are drawn to participate in the qualifying round) automatically qualify for Round 1 of the Memorial Cup and will not play the Qualifying Round.

History of the Memorial Cup and Shield Cup
To honor all HFA players and loved ones who we have lost over the years, HFA named this annual tournament The Memorial Cup. If you or your team would like to nominate a name to be added to The Memorial Cup trophy, please email the league office with the name and a brief testimony to the person being nominated:

The Memorial Cup and HFA Shield are intra-league, single-elimination tournaments which run concurrently with the regular season. The tournament starts with a qualifying round that involves a number of teams deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Teams that win in the qualifying round advance to the Memorial Cup. Teams that lose in the qualfying round advance to the HFA Shield. From that point on, all games are single-elimination. Every round from Qualifying through the Semi-final is determined by a blind draw, which gives teams an opportunity to play teams outside their division and often the opportunity to test themselves against higher-ranked teams.

The Cup Final is the culminating event of the season with the league Awards Ceremony held at the match. The Final is played at UH’s Robertson Stadium before a Houston Dynamo game and all Division Champion teams are presented on-field during the Dynamo pre-game celebration.

The Shield Final is also a big event, played at a high-level venue such as the new Houston Sports Complex.

For the 2015-16 Season, The Board of Directors has voted to not hold a Shield Competition, in order to ensure that all regular season games are completed. Teams eliminated in the Qualifying Round are eliminated from Cup competition.
Memorial Cup and Shield Cup Rules
Prior to each round a blind draw will be conducted to determine opponents. All draws will take place at the League Meetings when possible.
All other rules and regulations, including discipline, shall be in accordance with the HFA By-laws and Rules of Play.
The Board of Directors shall have the power to make any changes to the rules and regulations it deems necessary to facilitate the smooth running of the competition.
The competitions will start with a double-elimination Qualifying Round. Winners of Qualifying Round plus all teams who got a bye for the Qualifying Round advance to the Memorial Cup. Qualifying Round losing teams advance to the HFA Shield. From that point on, both competitions will be a single game elimination knockout.
Each game will consist of two (2) forty-five (45) minute halves.
In the case of a tie at the end of regulation time, a winner will be determined by FIFA penalty kick procedure. Exception: SEMI-FINAL and FINAL will use two 15 minute overtime periods, plus penalty kick procedure if needed.
Game date and time - when Premier Teams are drawn against each other they will play standard Premier times/days. When Premier Teams are drawn against Lower Division Teams, lower division has to approve playing an evening match. All other divisions will play on Sunday at regular league game times.
Semi-Final and Final field location will be at the discretion of HFA.