Field Locations
  • Bear Creek Park 3535 War Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77084

  • Bayland Park 6400 Bissonnet Street Houston, TX 77074

  • Cullen Park 19008 Saums Road Houston, TX 77084

Calendar of Events
History of the Houston Football Association
Created in 1978, HFA is a soccer powerhouse in Texas. HFA is a member of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) and is affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. HFA is a non-profit organization and currently employing two staff Adminstrators to assist the membership and to administer the league on a professional basis. In 2014 HFA has grown to 143 teams total representing more than 70 nations.
The season kicks off early / mid-September and runs through the end of April or May with a break during the holiday seasons. HFA’s Memorial Cup / Shield runs through the course of the season with the Final being played the first weekend of June. All teams participate in the Memorial Cup / Shield, a single- elimination competition.

HFA Regular League boasts ten competitive divisions with 10 teams in each division and also a recreational division. HFA is also home to a growing Over 30 League, and our most recent addition of an Over 40 League.

The Premier division competes on Saturday and Sunday evenings at Bayland Park. This division promotes the highly skilled player at the professional, national and local levels. This division also prepares Under 19 players for their collegiate career. Games are designed to promote high level competition and sportsmanship while also serving as a roll model for the youth players of tomorrow. Some of our players have progressed to play in the Major League Soccer (MLS) as well as the State Select Team program, earning scholarships to colleges across the country. Premier is also the home to many former MLS players to continue their post-professional soccer careers. Premier games are free to the public and are well attended.

All other regular league divisions play at Bear Creek Park, located at 3535 War Memorial Drive, between Hwy 6 and Eldridge.

The New Recreational Division plays at HSP (Houston Sports Park) located at 12131 Kirby Drive.

The Championship and first divisions are very competitive and teams aspire to join the Premier division. The second divisions also maintain a fast pace and competitive standard. Third divisions and Fourth and our rec division are somewhat more recreational, but this only designates players with a wide range of skills who are unable to dedicate a lot of time to their game because of professional and personal responsibilities.

Our growing O30 League currently has a total of 28 teams playing in 4 divisions of 7 teams each. This league is for the more mature player who aren't interested in chasing around the young-ins. The O30 Premier and 1st division are of a very high standard and are very competitive. the 2nd and 3rd O30 divisions are a somewhat slower pace and less competitive. The O30 league play their games on Thursday evenings at Cullen Park located at 19008 Saums Road and at Houston Sports Park (HSP) located at 12131 Kirby Drive.

HFA's most recent addition is the O40 league, this is for players who are 40 years of age or older. Currently we have 6 teams competing in 1 division. These are somewhat slower paced games. The O40 league play all their games at Houston Sports Park (HSP) located at 12131 Kirby Drive.

HFA hosts an Annual Soccer Tournament at Bear Creek Park in late March/early April, which is aimed at providing challenging competition from across Texas and the Southwest.

HFA enjoys a close relationship with the various soccer organizations in Houston. Many of its players coach or train youth teams professionally, and youth players traditionally advance to HFA teams when their youth careers are completed. There are no upper or lower age limits on players in HFA, but we don’t recommend the league to anyone younger than 15 or 16.