Join HFA as a Player!

HFA allows teams to sign players directly, and as a result HFA does not place players on teams. Please ask to join our Facebook group and once you have been approved you will be able to reach out to the entire HFA facebook community!

The HFA Facebook Group can be found here:

This group is moderated periodically, so please allow a couple of days for your request to join to be approved :)

When you post, make sure to include some basic information such as your skill level, playing history, preferred position, and style of play. If you have researched our divisions you can also include a preferred division of play to help managers respond appropriately.

Special Notice: As a member of the HFA Facebook Group we ask that all posts be related to HFA League communications only. Any unauthorized advertisements or posts unrelated to HFA League interactions posted to the HFA Facebook Group will be removed and HFA reserves the right to remove members from the group at its discretion.

Join HFA as a Team

If you would like to enter a team in the HFA Regular League, O30 League, or O40 League, please visit our 19/20 Team Registration page found HERE